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As many as 30 killed during most recent clashes in Ukraine's east

06.05.2014 | Source:




As many as 30 killed during most recent clashes in Ukraine's east. 52717.jpeg
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Self-defense forces of Ukraine's Donbass are checking the information about a large number of persons killed and injured during the clashes on Monday afternoon.

One of the leaders of self-defense forces, Miroslav Rudenko, told Interfax that according to latest information, as many as 30 people were killed, including civilians. The number of wounded people is two or three times larger.

On Tuesday morning, the situation in the settlements of Donbass was calm. Meanwhile, the Donetsk Airport has canceled all flights for departure and arrival.

Spokespeople for defense headquarters of Slavyansk also said that the situation in the city was calm at night.

During mass clashes in Odessa on May 2, 46 people were killed, 88 others were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. More than 120 people were detained, but on Sunday, following the storm of the municipal police administration by supporters of federalization, 67 people were released.

On May 6th, the Verkhovna Rada will discuss the situation in the east and south-east of Ukraine behind closed doors. It is possible that the MPs will discuss the national anti-terrorism doctrine of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Acting President and Parliament Speaker Alexander Turchynovm who was appointed for the position by the Rada, promised to continue the punitive operation against Ukrainian civilians. Seven battalions in other regions of the country have been formed to be redeployed to the east of the country.


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