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Jam of Vologda enters global market

21.02.2014 | Source:



A line of products under the trademark "Jam of Vologda" has been launched in the Vologda region of Russia. The project is implemented with the support of the regional government and "Corporation of Development."

"We will support the projects that deal with production in all areas. Such companies can become the points of growth in our municipal institutions. By the way, about 200,000 Vologda residents are employed in small and medium-sized business, while the share of commodity circulation of such businesses increased from 18 to 25 percent last year," Vologda region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov said.

The production of "Vologda Factory of Forest Food" can already be found in Russian stores, as well as in foreign countries, including Israel, Canada, the USA, Germany and Australia. The presentation of the new product, which was recognized as one of the most successful projects of the year, was conducted in late December during the report of the head of the region for the general public. "Jam of Vologda" received a gold medal at the 21st International Exhibition PRODEXPO-2014.

"I am grateful to the companies that, under the condition of the crisis, invest large funds, in this case we are talking about 100 million rubles, in their development and in the launch of new brands," Vologda region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov said.

The products certified as "Genuine Product of Vologda" is already available both in large networks of Russia and other countries. Producers are certain that "Jam of Vologda" will soon become the brand as recognizable as butter and lace of Vologda.




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