Dying girl survives and finds her biological mother in Russia

Masha is overjoyed to have found her birth mother.

In order to save the dying girl her Russian mother was forced to give her up and let the Americans have her.

After 13 years of being adopted by the U.S. family the girl who was once considered terminally ill found her biological mother in Russia and came to see her as a healthy teenager.

Her American parents helped Masha search for her mother. Steven and Simona Davidson personally brought the girl to Yaroslavl , where she and her mother embraced each other with tears of joy.

For Olga Kalinkina her newborn daughter’s sickness became a real nightmare. The long-expected baby was born with a terrible diagnose – arthrogryposis. All of little Masha’s muscles were literally nonfunctional and her joints were deformed.

Mother’s heart was breaking of grief whenever she looked at her baby. But neither she nor the Russian doctors were able to help the poor child. She needed constant medical attention and was taken to intensive care straight from the hospital where she was born.

They told us, “The girl can die any moment,” said Maria Ruchkina, a nurse who was working at the hospital at that time, “When we unwrapped swaddling clothes we broke down crying: the baby was completely crooked and weighed no more that 2 kg. She would eat or drink anything, and we had no idea what to do.”

Back in those days Masha’s illness had no medical cure. The only thing left was to hope for God’s mercy, so the girl was baptized. The nurse Ruchkina became her Godmother.

Masha stayed in the hospital for three years. She knew the whole staff like a family. The girl moved around the building on her hunkers because she had no feet. She could hardly lift her hands but constantly rejected assistance trying to be independent.

The only thing that could save this child was a miracle. One day it happened: two doctors from America Steven and Simona – a husband and his wife – came to visit their colleagues at the hospital in Yaroslavl .

“We mentioned our sick Masha to Simona when we were talking,” Ruchkina recalls, “And the woman felt such compassion for the child that she wanted to see her right away.”

The girl turned to Simona saying, “A new lady! Pretty like mamma,” and hugged her with her little hands.

“Little daughter!” whispered Simona.

That same day the American couple had a hard conversation with Olga Kalinkina.

“We will heal your baby,” Davidson explained, “In America she will have an opportunity to get better quickly. But you must make this decision: you need to give her to us, let us adopt her…”

Kalinkina was speechless. To abandon her own daughter? But that was the only way to save the girl’s life.

Simona added, “The medical treatment could take months, even years, and she would need to have the American citizenship for that.”

That night Olga could not sleep. She kept walking up to the sleeping girl afraid that she would suddenly disappear. By morning she made the decision and to give Masha up to save her.

The news about her daughter reached Olga only 13 years later.

“Dear mama,” the 16-year-old Masha wrote, “I am completely healed…” Kalinkina began to weep: how long has she been wanting to hear those words!

“I went through 7 surgeries and practically got rid of my illness,” the girl continued, “I am sorry it took me so long to write to you. I really miss you and want to visit.”

A month later they got to see each other. Masha came to Yaroslavl with her adopted parents, and Olga was overwhelmed to see her beautiful healthy daughter all grown up and happy.


Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina