Death of Basayev = end of terror?

Shamil Basayev was a key figure in the decade-long war between Russia and Chechen separatists. Instead of direct, face-to-face war he preferred cunning terrorist attacks beyound the battle field. One of the strongest attacks organised by Basayev was the Beslan school siege in September 2004.

The death of Basayev is the biggest achievement of special servises since 1996. in 1996 they killed Chechen president who first declared independence from Russia. Dzhokhar Dudayev was killed with a guided missile, according to Financial Times.

Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov , a moderate in comparison to Basayev, was killed by Russian special forces in March last year. He was succeeded by Abdul Saidullyaev, whose brief reign was cut short last month by another Russian raid, Guardian Unlimited reports.

Beseyev was seen as the militants’ most cruel and harizmatic commander.

Some analysts suppose that Basayev death will lead to the gradual decline of te Chechen separatists movement

It will also enable Mr Putin to claim significant progress towards restoring order in the breakaway republic, after holding presidential elections in 2004 and parliamentary elections last year that installed apro-Russian leadership.

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