Blair, Bush: still no consensus on global warming

Amid shocking blasts in London Tube and buses the G8 summit continues in Gleneagles. British Prime Minister and U.S. President still cannot agree on global warming issues.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Thursday that differences between the United States and other industrialized nations over the Kyoto Protocol would not be resolved, but hoped to build consensus on the way to tackle global warming in the future, reports the AP.

"We are not going to resolve every single issue at the G8 summit in relation to this. What we can do is narrow the issues down," Blair said after a breakfast meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush at the G8 summit.

Blair spoke before explosions were reported across London's transport network, raising fears of a terrorist attacked timed to coincide with the summit.

Along with tackling poverty in Africa, Blair has made the battle against global warming a priority for the G8 summit. He is under intense pressure from anti-poverty campaigners, including Live-8 organizer Bob Geldof, and environmental groups to reach a breakthrough on both points.

Bush, whose administration stands alone at the G8 summit in rejecting the Kyoto Protocol, said the United States was intent on addressing climate change, but that the world must develop a "better way forward."

Bush also said the European Union and the United States should work together to get rid of agricultural subsidies.

"We want to work with the EU to rid our respective countries of agricultural subsidies. The best place to do that is the Doha round," Bush said, referring to the round of trade talks that began in the Qatari capital in 2001. "I would hope that by 2010 the Doha round will achieve that objective."

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