German Chancellor Speaks in Favor of "Multi-Polar World"

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder stressed in his interview to the Der Spiegel magazine the necessity to have "a multi-polar world order under the UN auspices." At the same time Schroeder stated in connection with repeated US threats against Syria that, in his opinion, there would be no new war in the Middle East.

The German Chancellor stated that though in its resolution 1441 the UN Security Council talked "exclusively about disarmament of Iraq," at the present time major attention should be devoted to provision of humanitarian assistance to the population of that country.

In this connection Gerhard Schroeder stressed that "assistance should be provided under the UN auspices though restoration of peace and order in Iraq was an exclusive responsibility of the allies." The head of the German Cabinet is of the opinion that the restoration of Iraq should be carried out under the auspices of the UN which "possesses the required legitimacy." Schroeder confirmed that Germany would "assist the UN within the framework of its capabilities." Gerhard Schroeder described as "speculations and sacrilege" the present discussions regarding the distribution between private companies of future orders to carry out rehabilitation works in Iraq.

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