USA Sends 500 Mariners To Afghanistan

The Pentagon is sending 500 mariners to Tora Bora, an area in the Spinghar mountains, Eastern Afghanistan in the next two days to conduct search-and-rescue operations. Pashtun militia and about 50 servicemen of the US special task force continue exploring the caves in bunkers in Tora Bora. More reinforcements will be needed to track down Al-Qaida militants that still hide in the mountains and caves, some of which are mined, and collect information about Al-Qaida. The entire area is being patrolled by US aviation. In the meantime, US investigators are still interrogating 23 Al-Qaida prisoners who were captured in Tora Bora and handed over to the USA by the Northern Alliance. 8 of them were moved to the aircraft carrier Pelelieu and 10 are kept in the air field of Kandahar.