As Before, British Investors Do Not Hurry Onto Russian Market

No radical turns occurred in the work of British investors on the Russian market in the outgoing year, Russian foreign-trade experts said in a conversation with the RIA Novosti correspondent. The experts expect that the questions of trade and investment cooperation between Russia and Great Britain will be discussed during Vladimir Putin's talks with British Premier Tony Blair in London. According to the information of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia, as of July 1, 2001 the sum total of the British accumulated investments amounted to 3.5 billion dollars. This makes up 7 per cent of the sum total of the accumulated foreign investments in the Russian economy. The volume of the direct British investments is estimated at 1.8 billion dollars. As the experts said, investors from Great Britain, as before, prefer to make investments in a limited number of sectors of the Russian economy, namely in the sectors in which, if the market situation is favourable, it is possible to make profit within a rather short time.