Putin invites Biden to tea and pancakes

Russian President Vladimir Putin invited his American counterpart Joe Biden to a tea party with pancakes.

Speaking at a news conference following One Belt — One Road Forum in Beijing, Putin wondered why Biden transferred ATACMS missiles to Ukraine if the US President assumed that Russia had lost the conflict with Ukraine.

Putin recalled Biden's remarks about Russia losing the special military operation in Ukraine.

"If Russia has lost the war, then why do they [the US] supply ATACMS [to Ukraine]?” Putin wondered. "Let them take the ATACMS and all other weapons back, he (Biden) can then sit down for pancakes and come to our tea party," he added.

Putin remarks come as a reference to Biden's statement that he made back in August during the visit of the leaders of Japan and South Korea to the United States. The American president then said that Russia would no longer be able to achieve the goals of the special military operation in Ukraine. "This is impossible,” the American president then noted.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov