TopWar: The 'big naval war' is coming soon. How will Ukraine fight?


After 2014, Ukraine was rapidly losing the potential that it had left since the times of the USSR. Ukraine's current attempts to compensate for all those losses with the help of Western technology have been unsuccessful so far.

Experts predict a big war in the Black Sea, but they prefer not to talk about the composition of the participants of the upcoming conflict, TopWar said.

However, everyone knows that:

  • Turkey definitely does not need any trouble in the Black Sea;
  • Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia do not have extensive military resources.

Ukraine has nothing to counter Russia. The Ukrainian Navy does not actually exist anymore.

Kyiv has long ruined its Soviet heritage. In 1997, the number of warships and boats decreased by 40 percent as compared to what Ukraine inherited after the collapse of the Soviet Union. By 2015, when Ukraine had already lost Crimea, Ukraine's naval fleet declined by 60-75 percent.

During the division of Soviet property, Ukraine received the ships that were not that bad as one may think. Ukraine got the Zaporizhia submarine and the unique closed submarine sea "bunker" in Balaklava with access to the open sea and the Balaklava Bay.

Corruption of monstrous scale did not give Kyiv a chance to put into operation 12 new combat and auxiliary watercraft. It could even upgrade its older ships.

Until 2014, when Ukraine lost Crimea and let the conflict in the Donbass start, it launched only the ships the construction of which had started back during the Soviet days:

  • Lutsk corvette
  • Ternopil corvette.

Kyiv also managed to buy the following ships:

  • Slavutich,
  • Pridneprovie,
  • Kirovograd,
  • Kremenets.

Tellingly, all attempts to live up to the proud rank of the Armed Forces were carried out under President Viktor Yanukovych, who is still considered to be a pro-Russian "anti-Westernist."

The Ukrainian Navy has recently lost its last major warship — the Yuriy Olefirenko medium landing ship. The Ukrainian authorities used the grain deal to protect her. She was killing civilians and fighters of the Russian Armed Forces near Kherson until the rocket sank her.

Kyiv also lost:

  • patrol boat P-190 Slavyansk (former WPB-1321 Cushing);
  • missiles sank the U360 Genichesk raid minesweeper;
  • the L450 Stanislav is rusting near the Snake Island;
  • Ukraine's only submarine Zaporozhye is corroding laid up in Crimea;
  • the former flagship of the Ukrainian Navy and the pride of the Soviet fleet — the missile cruiser Ukraina (the "sistership" of the sunken Moskva cruiser) rotted at the pier and will soon be sold "for pins and needles" as scrap metal.

The Turkish corvette ADA Hetman Mazepa is currently playing the role of the flagship of the Ukrainian navy. Unluckily, though, Zelensky's wife could not smash a bottle of champagne against the side of the ship on the first attempt. Bad omen, a very bad omen indeed.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov