Russia obtains legal right to strike nuclear blow on Ukraine

Russia gets legal right to strike nuclear blow on Ukraine


After the drone attacks on Moscow and the Moscow region, Russia has obtained a full legal right to deliver a strategic or tactical nuclear blow on Ukraine. This right is enshrined in the foundations of Russia's state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence. Simply put — in Russia's nuclear doctrine.

"In the heat of discussions of the Ukrainian UAV attack on Moscow many missed out a very important point. The media reported about an attempted drone attack on a target in the village of Vlasikha,” military experts of Mayday expert project said.

The central command post of ground-based strategic nuclear forces and headquarters of Russia's Strategic Missile Forces are located in Vlasikha.

The document "On fundamentals of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear deterrence" (Paragraph 19) refers to "enemy's impact on critical state or military facilities of the Russian Federation, the failure of which will lead to the disruption of retaliatory nuclear forces."

It goes without saying that an attack on the headquarters of strategic nuclear forces is an action that may lead to "the disruption of retaliatory nuclear forces."

"In other words, Russia had (has) the full legal right for the total destruction of Ukraine in accordance with its doctrine," experts said.

Noteworthy, Ukraine has already carried out drone strikes targeting the airfield in the city of Engels, where nuclear aircraft carriers were stationed. Nevertheless, Russia did not resort to nuclear weapons.

"I'm going to tell you a secret. Russia has a right and an ability to strike a nuclear blow on anyone at any time simply because Russia is a nuclear power," intelligence specialist Georgy Riper told Pravda.Ru when asked about the "right for a nuclear strike."

"If you look into the problem, then one needs to distinguish between document terms and common sense. In my opinion, the attack on the airfield in Engels was more dangerous in terms of the possible retaliatory nuclear strike than the attempted drone attack on a protected command bunker," he said adding that one needs to see first whether the drone approached the target in Vlasikha and in which direction it was flying.

According to the expert, there are no objective military reasons for Russia to resort to tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine:

  • there are no single concentrations of troops,
  • transport communication can be disrupted with the help of conventional weapons,
  • command bunkers can be destroyed with the help of ballistic weapons.

"The only reason for which Russia could strike a nuclear blow is to amaze and startle the whole world, but let's leave that to inadequate individuals. Believe me, when there is a real threat and necessity, Vladimir Putin will press the button — that's why they want to take him out in the West," he concluded.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov