Kremlin reacts positively to Elon Musk's ideas about resolving crisis in Ukraine

Kremlin about Elon Musk's ideas on Ukraine: 'They deserve attention'

Elon Musk's ideas on how to achieve peace in Ukraine "deserve attention," Kremlin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. On October 3, Musk proposed holding new referendums under the aegis of the UN in the four annexed regions, and leaving Crimea to Russia.

Elon Musk's tweet about the outcome of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine "had kept many in Europe awake at night," Dmitry Peskov told reporters on October 4.

"In fact, it is very positive that a person like Elon Musk is looking for a peaceful way out of the crisis <…>. Achieving peace without fulfilling Russia's conditions is absolutely impossible,” the Kremlin spokesman stressed.

According to Peskov, "many" of Musk's ideas on the subject "deserve attention."

"As for the referenda, of course, the residents of those regions have already expressed their will, and one should not do anything else here. Today the president is going to sign the decrees, and they will become part of the territory of the Russian Federation,” he added.

At the same time, Peskov added, all such reflections "are shattered by Zelensky's decision about the impossibility of negotiations with Putin.”

The press service of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine also responded to Musk's proposal by voting "no" in his post.

Later, Elon Musk published another post in which he said that Ukraine's victory in the "total war" was unlikely. Musk noted that the population of Russia was three times that of Ukraine, and Kyiv would most likely not be able to win should Russia declare full mobilisation.

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