Global Times: US chess games in Ukraine may lead to a catastrophe

Global TImes: US chess game can drag the world into abyss

Washington is trying to restore the weakening position of the global hegemon, using the countries of Eurasia, especially Ukraine, to its advantage, Wang Fan, vice-rector of the China University of Foreign Affairs, writes for Huanqiu shibao (Global Times). In his opinion, such a policy threatens world security.

The author noted that the United States is playing a kind of strategic chess game, in which it considers other countries as pawns, and directs its main efforts to the Eurasian space.

"Now American strategists are considering the problem from the point of view of the "big chess game" - the struggle for Eurasia to restore geopolitical control over this most important region for a long time," Wang said.

The material emphasizes that Washington is trying to revive Zbigniew Brzezinski's concept of a chess game invented during the Cold War, according to which dominance in Eurasia was the key to US national hegemony. Ukraine, which occupies a strategic position on the continent, played a special role in this.

The author stressed that the United States is ready to take any steps to "prevent potential rivals from challenging their dominant voice in Eurasian affairs." Washington is in "complete desperation" and "strategic anxiety", so it acts erratically and does not pay attention to the risks that its policies bring to the world.

According to Wang Fan, this is a dangerous game with fire, which can end badly. In support of his position, he cited the words of the American scholar Joseph Nye, who believed that "Washington's recklessness in a period of decline" would lead to it "dragging the world community into the abyss."

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin