Russia to respond to Western threats without nuclear weapon

Expert reveals how Russia can respond to Western threat without nuclear weapon

According to political scientist Yakov Kedmi, Russia is capable of eliminating the military threat from the countries of the West without using nuclear weapons.

The military expert noted that Moscow would not threaten the European continent with a nuclear strike, since this is pointless. Russia has conventional means that are much more powerful than nuclear ones.

"Why "Sarmat"? <...> Look what the "Kinzhal" showed near Lviv. Conventional, non-strategic weapons with hypersonic speed and high accuracy have an effect more destructive than nuclear! What was destroyed by this missile had to withstand a nuclear strike!" - Kedmi said.

The political scientist believes that the nuclear arsenal should be used only against similar enemy systems. The only target for Russian nuclear strikes are the bases of American nuclear missiles.

Kedmi also noted that the military threat can be eliminated by destroying the power plants of the alleged enemy.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin