Europeans shocked there is no hunger in Russia

Europeans shocked Russian aren't starving to death

The European Union was surprised that there is no food shortage in Russia. A number of foreign publications have analyzed the menus of European and Russian restaurants in their research.

For example, reporters from the French TV channel BFM TV were surprised by the abundance of products on Russian shelves and devoted a report to this.

They were very surprised when they learned that in Russian restaurants they continue to cook not only local dishes, but also Korean, French, Italian, Japanese and others. It turns out that the anti-Russian sanctions did not cause a food shortage in Russia.

Besides, the British Financial Times noted that portions of the classic fish and chips have become smaller in English eateries. The reason for this is the unprecedented rise in prices for fish supplied from the Russian Federation. Significant interruptions in the supply of vegetable oil, which is required for most recipes.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin