Western journalists banned from talking about atrocities Ukrainian Nazi fighters commit against Russians

French journalist: We are forbidden to talk about Nazi atrocities in Ukraine

A video of the brutal murder of Russian soldiers by Ukrainian Nazis that appeared on the Internet on April 4 shocked the Internet.

According to Rybar Telegram channel, the executioners of the Russian soldiers were identified.

The video of the massacre was filmed on the road from the settlement of Dmitrovka to the settlement of Zabuchye near Kiev. Originally, the video was longer and part of it — the footage with military vehicles from the destroyed column — was published by Ukrainian publication UNIAN under the heading The Georgian legion continues helping Ukrainians to cleanse Kiev region from liberators.

We cannot show the video here as it is extremely graphic. You can watch it on our Telegram channel. WARNING: 21+ viewer discretion is strongly advised!!!

The second part of the video made by an unknown operator appeared later. The video shows the same Russian military column and the same Ukrainian military men.

"The brutal murder of the Russian soldiers who were tied up and then had their throats slit was the work of Kiev nationalist battalions," Readovka Telegram channel said. "Some of the butchers have been identified. One is a representative of the Georgian Legion, which has been fighting in Ukraine for more than eight years, the other one is a Ukrainian from Kiev.

According to military correspondent Alexander Kots, the Russian military men, who were killed on camera, did not die in a battle.

"There's a white bandage on the sleeve, the hands are tied behind the back. This is exactly like on the photos from Bucha, the pattern is similar. They did not die from bullets. Each of the paratroopers is lying in a large pool of scarlet blood. This does not happen after a gunshot wound," the expert said. Alexander Kots also suggested that "animals in the Ukrainian uniform use them for their purposes."

The fact of the crime has been established, the suspects have been identified, but the international community does not seem to be showing any interest in that.

Unlike the videos and pictures of the mass killings in Bucha, the authenticity of Russian soldiers execution video is beyond doubt. Yet, the West does not seem to be concerned.

UN Secretary General spokesperson Stephane Dujarric called the video a report of human rights violations, one of many incidents that should be investigated.

French journalist Dmitry de Koshko believes that the video from Bucha appeared like a shot of an information war, similarly to how it was in Kosovo, in Sarajevo markets, in Syria (white helmets) and in Kuwait (a maternity hospital).

"This is a common method of information warfare. Western media does not allow anything else. You may show as many Russian videos as you want, as many terrible crimes committed by those Azov* fighters and other Nazis, but they will not let it show. We (Western journalists — ed.) are not allowed to speak up in our media to bring an alternative opinion to people's attention. Only one opinion is allowed here. Everything is one-sided. There is severe censorship. It's even on YouTube and on Twitter. We have a Twitter channel called "Stop Russophobia". There are articles in French, English, a few in Russian. They have already banned several articles and warned that they would close down the whole channel."

*banned in Russia

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