Execution of Russian soldiers near Kiev: Russia launches investigation

Russia launches investigation into execution of Russian soldiers near Kiev

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, together with other law enforcement agencies, started an investigation into the execution of Russian military men, who were taken captive in the Kiev region.

A source close to law enforcement agencies told Readovka Telegram channel that the department launched an investigation into the fact of the brutal massacre of Russian soldiers who were wounded and taken prisoners in the Kiev region of Ukraine.

The video with the execution appeared on the Internet on April 4 and shocked many. The names of the killed Russian soldiers have not been exposed.

The video shows the killing of Russian soldiers as they are lying on the ground in a pool of blood. A Ukrainian military man shoots one of the Russian soldiers three times saying: "He is still alive. He is rattling." Three other bodies can be seen on the road, the bodies appear to be already lifeless. One of the killed Russian soldiers has his hands tied behind his back. A bullet hole can be seen in his head.

During the execution, two military men behind the camera say to each other "Glory to Ukraine" and "Glory to the Heroes." Then the camera shows the face of the man who said the phrase "Glory to the Heroes.” This man appeared in another video, which the UNIAN publication posted on March 30 with a caption "The Georgian Legion continues helping Ukrainians in the cleansing of the Kiev region from the "liberators"."

Both of those videos feature the same people and were recorded in the same location at roughly the same time. The armoured vehicle with the V symbol on it, which the Ukrainians call their trophy, appears in the two videos too and can be seen located in one and the same place in both videos.

The video can be seen in our Telegram channel. WARNING: The video is extremely disturbing!!! 21+ viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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