Kremlin chuckles at Biden's blunder on gays from Chechnya to Cameroon

Kremlin giggles at Biden's remarks about LGBT from Chechnya to Cameroon

The remarks that US President Joe Biden made about the violation of the rights of sexual minorities in all countries of the world — from Chechnya to Cameroon — were incorrect from the point of view of political geography, Kremlin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"This passage was a bit missed out by proofreaders,” Peskov said commenting on Biden's recent statement.

Earlier, speaking at the session of the UN General Assembly, US President Joe Biden called on the international community to protect the rights of the LGBT community.

"We all need to stand up for the rights of LGBT people so that they can live without fear and in love in Chechnya, Cameroon or any other part of the world,” he said.

There are no roosters in Chechnya

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, in response to Biden's words, noted that there are "no roosters” in Chechnya — only "hen's husbands.” The Russian word 'petukh' which translates as 'rooster' is Russian prison slang for inmates who have been sexually abused in jail. This word also refers to gay men.

Ramzan Kadyrov invited the American president to personally visit the republic. According to the head of Chechnya, Biden is angry with all Muslim countries and is plowing the Arab world with air bombs.

He also called the United States the most problematic and most aggressive country in the world.

The Chechen authorities have been repeatedly accused of violating the rights of sexual minorities. In December 2018, at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council, a report was unveiled, which, inter alia, raised the issue of torture of representatives of the LGBT community, who were supposedly kept in secret prisons and deprived of legal aid. In April 2017, The Novaya Gazeta publication published an investigative material on the topic. The authorities of Chechnya deny all charges and say that there are no sexual minorities in the region.

According to Human Rights Watch, in Cameroon, at least 24 members of the LGBT community had been arrested or faced threats in the Central African country since February. The report also said that two transgender women were arrested in Cameroon in February for wearing women's clothing, and a court charged them with attempted homosexual activities.

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