Amnesty International condemns ‘fascist’ arrests in Ukraine

The Amnesty International human rights organization has condemned detentions in Ukraine during celebration of the Victory Day on 9 May for alleged dissemination of the Communist symbols.

Dozens of people have been arrested in Odessa and Dnipro. While because of clashes with radicals in Dnipro, eight participants of festive events have got injured.

Ban on symbols connected with the Communist party and Soviet past (laws on decommunization adopted in May 2015) is violation of rights to freedom of expression, while detention of peaceful demonstrators is a step towards restriction of free speech and peaceful assembly by the Ukrainian authorities, the Amnesty International believes.

Authorities are obliged to secure free speech and peaceful assembly for all the citizens, the statement says. Human rights activists demand to liberate those arrested and carry out impartial investigation of all the violence cases in course of the demonstrations.

As Pravda.Ru reported, local residents were prevented from commemorating fighters who liberated Ukraine as well during the WWII. Activists did not let the Russian diplomats to lay flowers at the monument of the Unknown Soldier either.

While activists of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists showered those going to the Park of Eternal Glory with potatoes, eggs, paint balls, and smoke grenades.


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