US will try to oust Russia from Syria

Russia may prepare a draft resolution along with the US, which would impose trade-economic embargo against ISIS, the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed.

As they noted, matters have not come to that, because 'approaches of the US have not changed and there is nobody one could speak with'.

Russia insists on a total embargo against terrorists and would like to have support from allies, Dmitriy Feoktistov, Deputy Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry Department of New Challenges, claimed. If Americans turn out to be not ready for talk with Russia, our country may present such resolution by itself.

Meanwhile, experts are sure that having struck the Syrian base, the US favoured only terrorists. During the latest months the Syrian army has successfully attacked ISIS under support of Russia. However, after the strike, fighters started a full-scale offensive.

Semyon Bagdasarov, expert on the Central Asian and Middle Eastern problems at the Centre of Analytical Studies, has told Pravda.Ru what for we need this resolution and whether it will be effective.

Nothing plausible will be here. They still trade with ISIS. If they say about reduction by 50% and the rest by 250-300 million, oil is traded. I stand for resolution. But one can hardly imagine what for the US should escalate relations with Turkey. They will not go the length of it. Oil goes from the Iraqi Kurdistan, mixes with the Iraqi oil, the Kurdish and goes to Turkey.

We will not manage to agree upon this issue with the US after their assault against Syria, this awful and treacherous strike.

The Americans will be trying to oust us from Syria. Their task is to push us to the North, deprive of bases in Khmeimim and Tartus. We should stand up to them toughly. Unless we act decisively, it will be all over.

We should deliver them the S-300. Some time ago we did not deliver them because Israel asked us not to do that. We should prepare crews, they do not have theirs. So,we should provide ours temporarily, let them down everyone they believe it is necessary to. It's very expedient for the moment.

We should sort it out in Syria. A civil war is in place, somebody has left, somebody has been killed, somebody has moved. Everything should be taken into account and additional means should be deployed. We can offer such option: Iranians deploy their S-300 division in Syria in exchange for our supply of S-300 under quite a reasonable price.

Not having shelled down the US missiles, we acted right, but should another strike take place, we will have to down them. They should know it.


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