Pentagon looks for Russians to shoot them in course of drills

According to the German media, the US army is looking for Russian-speaking walk-ons. What for do they need them?

The case is that Russian-speaking people could play walk-ons in course of the US military drills. Experts believe it would give more credibility. The exercise will start as soon as on 26 April on the Hohenfels proving ground.

As it is described in the job's requirements, a role of civil population in crisis areas should be played. 'A realistic scenario of drills is being created for soldiers, and best training for oversea missions is reached'.

One can earn 88-120 euros per day, but the candidate should just excellently chatter Russia.

'It is evident that the Ukrainian army, which is decaying like the last unit of Urfin Juice's soldiers, will be deployed in the Donetsk People's Republic under careful guidance of the US instructors. Ossetia-2008, 2.0. Otherwise appliance of such skills is strange. The US soldiers under a small contingent cannot storm Russian-speaking villages nowhere but there. They do not exercise fighting in a city, but namely in villages with 'farmers' - everything is quite evident and clear. Forewarned is forearmed', Ruslan Karmanov, publicist and political scientist, noted for Pravda.Ru.

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