US special services listen in on Trump’s staff

As it has become known, the US special services have been gathering information on contacts of Donald Trump's team members after his victory at the presidential elections. Such a statement was made by a Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, who is Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

Donald Trump also claimed in March that his predecessors at the US Administration had listened in during his election campaign in his Trump Tower residence. Trump provided no evidence. However, the White House ordered the Congress to check this information. Later the House Intelligence Committee and the FBI Director himself declared that Trump had not been spied on. And now it turns out that he had been.

Now Obama's Administration which tried to accredit wiretapping to that of a Taiwanese criminal, will not get away with either a Taiwanese, or a Congolese.

According to Nunes, the data was gathered since November 2016 to January 2017. And acts of special services were not connected with suspicion of possible ties with Russia and investigations on this matter.

The Congressman revealed that information on people related to Trump's team was widely presented in reports of special services. Although, it seems to be unimportant for intelligence.

Also, as he pointed out, names of some members of Trump's team were declassified in the documents. Which is quite strange, because the US intelligence usually conceals names of the American citizens in its reports, unless they are necessary to understand the matter.

Now, Nunes is going to find out who sanctioned gathering of this data, who knew about it and whether legislation was breached. And he also seriously suspects that among those who were spied on could be the acting US President Donald Trump.


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