Al-Nusra makes US stop funding Free Syrian Army

The CIA has suspended support of the so-called Free Syrian Army. The case is about a program, in which Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were engaged. They provided the Syrian opposition with money, weapons as well as training.

Anton Mardasov, a military expert at the Institute of Innovative Development, head of the Department of the Middle Eastern conflicts, commented Pravda.Ru on the situation.

The case is that some fractions they supported within the Free Syrian Army created new coalitions. The 13th division for example was considered to be pro-American, got anti-tank guided missiles, created a new structure and got two more groups which are known as the New Army of Idlib now. Namely it has been put down in the list of the Russian Defence Ministry as a moderate opposition.

Saudi Arabia has also decreased its funding.

Second is political differences. The Pentagon has been focusing on funding of alliance of the Syrian democratic forces, which are mostly called as Kurdish. But that is not that way. There are quite a lot of units of the former Free Syrian Army there, the Arab units. And the CIA works with such fractions. But lately they have not rendered any support.

It is connected with perturbations in the US establishment as well. What is more, Jabhat al-Nusra takes up a fight against the FSA from time to time. It is especially evident when a single enemy - represented by the regime - has disappeared.

Serious weapons may be seized by al-Nusra. Thus, The Americans have even suspended delivery of anti-tank guided missiles to the FSA at the Jordan-Israel border. That is the South Front coalition has not obtained almost any anti-tank guided missiles for the last year as they signed the armistice agreement with Damascus.

I believe this information war is connected with pressure on some groups among the US elite - who will fund opposition. And it is also related to Iran. It is impossible to decrease Iran's influence without support of opposition.


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