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China to build 110-million-strong megacity

China plans to spend $ 36billion on railways to improve communication between the capital of Beijing, the port city of Tianjin and the neighboring province of Hebei. In future, the three cities will unite in a 110-million-strong megacity, the territory of which will be twice the size of South Korea.

The construction of the railway communication will last until 2020 and is part of a larger plan, the implementation of which will last through 2030, Reuters says.  the report said. By the time the project is complete, Jing-Jin-Ji project will take the area of ​​212,000 square kilometers.

China's population will reach the peak number of 1.5 billion people by 2030 before it begins to gradually decrease, a report prepared by 300 Chinese demographers says. Now China is home to 1.38 billion people.


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