Lithuanian showman calls to explode bombs at Russians' concerts

An overt call to annihilate the Russian-speaking population appeared in the Lithuanian network on the Eve of the Catholic Easter. The Special services keep silence.

A certain apology for a journalist and showman Algis Ramanauskas posted in Facebook his dreamy description of a terror act at the concert of the Russian singer Filipp Kirkorov in Vilnius.

According to him, it would be great to cleanse the country of undesirable (Russian-speaking) population with a double explosion.

"A special delayed-action adroitly hidden bomb should explode in some minutes after the rescuers, medicals workers, and relatives of those dead gather. And then Lithuania will take a long breathe and start its new clear stage," Ramanauskas admires his fantasy.

All fine if it was posted by a certain psychopath. It would excite nothing but compassion. But it's done by a public person, who met with the president of the country Dalia Grybauskaitė last week!

Beside that, the fact that such ideas find a broad response, arouses alarm. There are over 3,500 likes and comments under the post.

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However, such mood is encouraged at the highest level. Former member of the Soviet Union Communist Party and current president of Lithuania Grybauskaitė called Russia a "terror state" in November 2014.

"It seems that calls to violence with dissidents are successfully inculcated in minds of the Lithuanian residents," Romualda Poševeckaja, Vilnius deputy wrote in her blog.

The problem of fascism, that has eroded the Lithuanian society for a long time, needs decisive measures and adequate estimation in the country itself. Thus, the question posed by Poševeckaja arises more often, "When will critical mass of hatred be formed in minds of population, that will make it turn from speculation to acts?"


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