Ukrainians will die and shed blood to be the same deep water with Europe

Speaking in Brussels, the head of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction, Yury Lutsenko, admitted that the Ukrainian people were ready to die for Europe only to hear the Europeans saying that they were "one blood" with the Ukrainians, Russia Today repports.

"What do we want from Europe? We are ready to shed blood for the freedom of Ukraine and Europe, but we also want to hear from them: we are the same deep water with you. Like in Kipling's books: Ukrainians, we are the same deep water with you. That's all we ask from the Dutch and from all Europeans. We will be on the first line of this war. We ask for a sign of solidarity and support for several thousands of killed officers and more than 10,000 civilian casualties," Lutsenko said.

The European Union must recognize that the Ukrainians and the Europeans are the same deep water and show a solidarity sign to Ukraine to support the Ukrainians in their struggle for the "world order," Yury Lutsenko concluded.

With his eloquent speech, the Ukrainian MP hoped to convince the Netherlands to ratify the agreement on Ukraine's entry into the EU. It was said, though, that more than 75% of the Dutch voted against Ukraine's association with the EU.


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