Global Research accuses Pentagon of fabricated evidence and unfounded propaganda

Washington keeps using the Islamic State for an open aggression against Syria and criticizing Russia for legitimate military aid.

Stephen Lendman notes in his article for Global Research that the alleged Russian army and aircraft operating in Syria is a big lie to vilify Putin. According to him, all the Washington's accusations do not inspire confidence, as being fabricated.

Satellite images revealed by Foreign Policy and showing military presence in Syria are "based on construction seen at Latakia, Syria's Bassel al Assad International Airport, no different from similar activities worldwide," Stephen Lendman pointed out.

The US statements on the situation in Syria is "propaganda rubbish, typical of what passes for journalism in America". Lendman stated that there is no evidence of the Russian military aircraft in Syria, while daily cargo flights deliver vital supplies.

He brought to mind that the Pentagon has been regularly caught red-handed as making false statements, while Russia respects the sovereignty of all the countries, and vast majority of the Syrians support Assad.

"His daily burden is far more than ordinary people could handle. He continues going all out to defend Syria for Syrians. He deserve praise, not rebuke, for his efforts," the author of the article believes.

"Moscow and Syria want peace and stability. Obama wants war. Nothing indicates a change of policy - replacing Assad with a pro-Western stooge, no matter how much more mass slaughter, destruction and greater human floods it takes," Stephen Lendman concluded.

Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry official representative claimed that the Russian military experts help the Syrians to cope with the Russian equipment. Moscow also noted that Russia has always supplied Syria with weapons and military equipment according to the international law and present agreements.


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