Western world unable to do anything about ISIS


More than 4,000 U.S. soldiers were killed and countless others were severely injured during the war in Iraq. The war cost U.S. taxpayers more than 2 trillion dollars, Pravda.Ru reports. 

Even if the USA accomplished something in the Iraqi war, which is doubtful, ISIS is destroying that very quickly.  

ISIS has recently taken full control of the strategically important city of Ramadi and continues to move forward and take new territory. Since it is only about 70 miles from Baghdad, Ramadi is going to make a fine staging area for an all-out assault on the capital.

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Ramadi is traditionally known as the 'Gateway of Baghdad', but in recent days it has experienced utter carnage. According to the Daily Mail, "mutilated bodies" now lie everywhere along the streets of that once proud city...

ISIS militants have held an orgy of violence and beheadings. The militants have every chance to march through the streets of Baghdad soon. ISIS militants have slaughtered around 500 and forced nearly 25,000 to flee their homes over the last few days.

The Iraqi security forces left behind large amounts of military equipment and large numbers of armored vehicles for ISIS to capture, Pravda.Ru says. 

Unlike al-Qaeda, whose elusive leaders would be hiding in caves and bunkers, ISIS appears to be the real deal, and nobody in the western world can do anything about it.


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