Ukraine's new budget deceives all Ukrainians

Ukraine's newly adopted budget is nothing but scam that gives every opportunity for corruption among politicians of the highest echelon of power.

Ukrainian MP Vladimir Parasyuk said that the vote for the budget 2015 was another  large-scale affair of both Arseny Yatsenyuk and the Popular Front in general.

"Today, MPs voted in favor of a blank sheet of paper, on which one can write corruption schemes," Parasyuk wrote.

"The current prime minister is even worse than Azarov. I would never think that the people who were supporting a change of the system will be so cynical and impudent. They break everything possible and impossible rule. They do not change the country, because they do not want to change anything." Parasyuk also wrote. 

In his opinion, the Ukrainian government is deceiving the Ukrainian people. 

"Dear Ukrainian people, you have been deceived one year in advance. Because in one year later, kulyavlob (Yatsenyuk's nickname) will come out and say: "I have worked the best I could, give me another chance." I wish he and all his henchmen could bury themselves both politically and morally. They have put the first stone for it," Parasyuk wrote. 


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