Lithuania wages “war” against Russia

The Lithuanian authorities accused Russia of invasion.

However, no details are disclosed, and the Committee on National Security at the Lithuanian parliament only assumed possibility of such an attack. Artūras Paulauskas, Head of the Committee on National Security and Defence, was the first who declared about possible armed offense of Russia. This accusation was made as part of report of the Department of State Security on the Lithuania's threats. It was noted in the report, that Russia allegedly carried out military drills in the territories of other countries. It was pointed out, that it happened in peacetime. "It was said at the Committee that there existed probability that it had taken place. It's difficult to say which probability, as the data is not verified to 100%," Artūras Paulauskas specified. The official also was not able to say how such unauthorized drills could have taken place, and whether it was the Russian military or special forces without insignia. As he asserted, the "Russian saboteurs" landed in the Lithuanian territory, but the Lithuanian special services reacted promptly. However, these are the only details. "I can't say, it's secret information," the PM responded.


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