Python scares firemen to death in Ukrainian sauna

Ukrainian firemen, who came to extinguish fire in a sauna situated in the center of the city of Donetsk, were surprised to find there something that they have never seen before. The wooden paneling of the sauna was burning in the building, and the firemen started fighting the fire immediately.

One of the firemen suddenly stumbled over a big hose in the burning building. When the man tried to kick the hose aside, he found out that the hose was actually a python that was living in the sauna's terrarium as an exotic animal, an interior decorator.

When the firefighting brigade realized that there was a dangerous reptile in the house, they ran out of the building in panic. Sauna employees were begging the firemen to save the python, which they called as Yashka, Itar-Tass reports.

Having overcome the instinctive fear of the big snake, the firemen eventually decided to save the python that was suffocating in the room of heat and smoke. The most courageous fireman grabbed the snake's tail and carefully dragged the reptile out.

The python was three meters long. The fire brigade refused to measure the weight of the snake and left, when the fire was finally extinguished.

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