Every type of woman is good in its own way

A blond is always confident of herself and her own beauty. Her favorite sexual position is - woman on top of a man. She goes crazy for cunnilingus, she adores receiving attention and caresses from men. A blond is a sexual cat, an erotic and tender girl. A blond is an exquisite erotic creature. Blonds are rather romantic in their nature, they love discussing bed scenes, erotica and passion in films and real life. If a guy has scratches on his back - they most likely have been left with sharp nails of a beautiful blond.

A blond is capricious. Her vocabulary is filled with phrases like "I want…, Buy me…, Give me…, No, you did it wrong." Men prefer to have blonds as their lovers, but they try to avoid developing a relationship with them.

A brunet is a really passionate type of woman. She is sly and passionate. Brunets are very good at pretending, acting and reading men's minds. They are especially good at animal sex. A brunet takes her man into sexual ecstasy and gives him the ultimate pleasure of sex. More importantly, it is generally believed that brunets make best wives.

Fair-haired girls are very fast learners, and sex is not an exception at that. If you show her an adult movie at night, she might practice the new sex techniques the next morning. A fair-haired girl has a fondness to high-quality underwear - both women's and men's underwear by the way. A guy in worn-out boxers will not have a chance to win her affection. Fair-haired girls like everything new, they go with the fashion. If girl-to-girl sex becomes popular, they do not hesitate to find a girlfriend. If all of her friends have children, she will decide to get pregnant as well.

A redhead. As a rule, men always remember the nights of wild passion that they spend with red-headed girls. A redhead likes experimenting. Sex is both an entertainment and a game for her. She tries to be different in bed all the time; she changes her images of a shy virgin, a dark mistress, a dominatrix, a love technician, and so on and so forth. Do not be surprised if she takes a whip or handcuffs out from under a pillow. Redheads have problems wit orgasm, though.

No matter what brunets might say for their own protection, gentlemen prefer blonds. US scientists found out that the body of a blond woman, her vagina to be more precise, produces the male-attractive substance known as copulin. Men subconsciously react to the blond secretion: they perceive it as an appeal to come closer. French researchers determined that blonds smell like ambergris, brunets - like violets and brown-haired women possess ivory or musk odors. In addition, French medics say that there is a direct connection between the natural hair color of a woman and the time that she needs to explode. Brunets are the fastest at this point. Blonds follow them on the heels, whereas redheads are the slowest (they need 30 minutes for it at least). It is worth mentioning that 80 percent of brunets, 40 percent of fair-haired, 15 percent of blonds and only 3 percent of redheads may have multiple orgasms.

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