Britney Spears' shoes stink

No one expected that from Britney Spears. The muse of an artist and just a beautiful girl caused trouble on board a passenger jetliner. The incident happened when Britney was flying from Los Angeles to New York. Needless to say that it is not a short flight at all. The pop star was traveling along with her hubby, Kevin Federline.

Everything was absolutely fine in the beginning. The problem came up later, in the middle of the flight, when passengers felt numbness in their legs and arms. A horrible odor, comparable to stagnant marsh gases, appeared in air. Panic gripped the passengers, who were sitting close to the source of the stench. Some of them asked air hostesses for help - they begged them to remove the object, which was emitting the unbearable evaporation.

The disturbing object was found immediately. The smell was coming from a pair of shoes, which were left in the center of the liner's saloon. As it turned out later, the shoes belonged to America's pop princess Britney Spears. The bravest air hostess approached the star and kindly asked Britney to put her lovely shoes back on her feet. Otherwise, the hostess added, the passengers would have to continue the flight with oxygen masks on.

Britney Spears showered her apologies and tried to joke a little to ease the confusion. The pop star said that those shoes were not good on her feet. If shoes don't match feet, they start producing awful smell.

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