Cat crosses Siberia to find its home

Two-year-old male cat named as Kuzya has made an unprecedented journey across the Yakutia republic in Russia's Siberia. The cat walked 2,150 kilometers in three months to find its home, Regnum news agency reports.

The cat lived with the family of the Efremovs in the small village of Olenyok. The owners took the pet to the city of Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia, in the beginning of summer. The cat apparently did not like the new dusty and noisy place of living and escaped. The Efremovs were going to stay in the city just for a short while, but the cat did not return when they had to leave back to the village.

The cat appeared on the doorstep of the Efremovs' house in Olenyok three months later. The animal looked rather pitiful: it was skinny, shabby and even untamed. "There were traces of some animal's teeth on the cat's tail. The three-month journey rubbed away its claws too. We have noticed that the cat became highly precautious. He walks stealthily all the time and he always looks for a hiding place. The poor animal had to cross Siberian woods and hills; he had to cross rivers and lakes. It is simply unbelievable," one of the family members said.

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