Man builds fence of rockets around his garden

Twenty-eight rockets of the Grad rocket-launching system were found in the Novosibirsk region of Russia, Siberia. The rockets were found in a village of Morozovo – a man made a fence from the rockets for his vegetable garden.

The information about the rocket-like objects in one of the gardens of the village was received from the head of the local administration. Police officers and specialists from the local security department left for the village to check the information.

Having examined the plot of land, the specialists found 28 rockets of the Grad rocket-launching system. The rockets were placed in the ground vertically to create an enclosure. There were no detonators on the rockets. The preliminary expertise determined that those were training rockets. The emergency and security service of the region decided to destroy the rockets.

As it was reported from the Novosibirsk region, it was not the first occurrence, when gardeners used ammunition on their plots of land. "The people are certain that they can determine the level of danger of such "surprises" without anyone else's help. However, this certainty might lead to an emergency," a spokesperson for the security department said.

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