Women Enjoy Terrorizing Men

Lawsuits filed by males against their female bosses have become more frequent in Europe. British citizen Bob Reily said, his career was progressing very well until a rather active 35-year-old woman became his boss. She decided to conquer her 29-year-old male employee. One day she called Bob to her office to talk about his further work. The conversation had a good start, but then she suddenly said that she wanted to have sex with him. Bob was a married man, he had three children - he did not wish to cheat on his wife. He politely rejected an offer, although he did not even think of consequences. People started avoiding him at work, he did not have anything to do, someone was spreading mean rumors about him. Bob gave way to despair, the gossip reached his wife and she asked for a divorce. Bob decided to hire a lawyer.

Presently, one of every ten men is subjected to verbal or physical violence at work on the part of his female boss. It is much harder for a man to deal with sexual harassment than for a woman, because such things contradict all stereotypes. As a rule, if a male employee rejects a sexual offer of his female boss, the latter starts spreading dirty rumors about the man - such rumors are often connected with unconventional sexual orientation.

A worse story happened to clerk Brain Smith, who found himself in the hands of the man-hating female boss. The woman enjoyed humiliating men - she decided to take revenge on the mankind after she had to divorce her husband.

At times, bossy women unite to insult their male subordinates. For example, two female managers enjoyed terrorizing all men in their firm. They publicly reproached them for small mistakes and cut their wages if someone was even one minute late.

Steve Perkins, an employee of a computer firm, lost his job after he had flirted with his female boss during a party. The woman demanded a serious relationship, but he refused. As a result, he was simply fired.

Until recently, men were quietly suffering from such oppression – they did not want to look like dweebs for other people. The situation has changed now: men have finally realized that they have a right to protest as women do. A woman as a boss is not a surprising phenomenon at present. When a woman comes to power, she has a temptation to exercise her own power. They usually start humiliating and victimizing men and find it rather pleasurable. It is usually a devastating experience for a man, although some of his friends think that there is nothing scary about a woman willing to have sex with him.

In Europe, there are special firms to render psychological and juridical help to men who have to endure humiliation on daily basis. Tim Field - one of the victims of the female oppression - believes that women are better in terrorizing men, because they are very sly in their psychological approach. Field had a nervous breakdown, he had to quit a well-paid job. He managed to recover after nine months of severe depression. Tim Field established a small company to help other men who had suffered from their female bosses. Tim says, men are supposed to be sly too - to use a dictaphone, to attract other co-workers as witnesses. In this case, it is possible to win a very good compensation at court.

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