Russian Conscripts Forced To Take Lie Detector Tests

Russian military registration offices are determined to use the know-how technology: they are going to make conscripts take lie detector tests. For the time being, the novelty is being used in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, although registration offices of other regions have already evinced their interest in the new technology too.

Chelyabinsk military officials originally decided to use lie detectors for the young men, who pretend to be drug addicts. Traditional medical methods are getting more and more outdated: pseudo-drug maniacs know a lot of ways to deceive doctors. For example, they make small heroine injections before they have their blood tested. That is why, it was decided to use machines instead. However, the law stipulates that an individual can take a lie detector test on a voluntary basis only. Conscripts do not venture to quarrel with military draft committee members, because a refusal to take a test implies the manifestation of insincerity.

About 30 young men have already been tested on lie detectors in the Chelyabinsk region in June. Fraudsters have been detected successfully – they have already joined the army. However, the lie detector experiment in the Chelyabinsk region was lambasted by the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. They claimed that military men's actions were totally illegal, because test results depended on a human factor: who works on the results and decodes the data. One may say it for sure that it is not an independent specialist, but a member of the military draft board, a biased person, that is.

However, military men do not agree with such conclusions. Military officials of the Sverdlovsk region have already shown interest in the experience of their Chelyabinsk-based colleagues. The lie detecting process is underway, and it is not excluded that there will be a lie detector in every Russian military draft office soon.

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