Silicon Women for Real Men

They never go into hysteric, they never have periods, headaches, or bad moods. They are not subjected to weather changes, moon phases, solar activity, political circumstances or oil prices fluctuations. They never ask a man to pay them for sex, they never reproach a man of bad potency, they do not accuse a man of anything, including cheating, they do not have any tantrums at all. These girls are always tactful, quiet and obedient.

All these girls were born in 1996. They are made of tender silicon, they look almost real. To be more precise, they look even better than real women. Sexy girls have brought happiness to thousands of passionate men, they even played the main part in "Real Doll: The Movie," starring legendary porn star Ron Jeremy.

Silicon girls can be characterized with the following advantages:

1. Silicon girls are warm and tender when you touch them. It is pleasant to caress and stroke them – this gives you the feeling of real woman's skin. 2. If a customer wishes, there can be various variants of them produced: a blond, a redhead, a brunette, an Asian type of woman, a black beauty, a lolita, and so on and so forth. 3. Sexy underwear may also come together with a silicon lady, and even an audio tape, on which passionate sounds are recorded. They can use both dirty and romantic language, so whatever a man might wish for – he will get it. 4. A silicon beauty will never have anything against any kind of sex. 5. She is a Kama Sutra expert and she will last until her man is resting happily.

Of course, any kind of women have certain disadvantages and silicon women are not an exception. For example, it is impossible to bring a silicon beauty back to a sex shop. It is only possible to throw her out or give her away to someone else. A silicon woman is not a cheap thing to buy, although a living lady usually costs a lot more, not to mention numerous nervous breakdowns that she causes. Furthermore, if a living woman sucks money out of a man on a daily basis, a silicon lady requires a single investment only.

Some American doctors of sex believe that a silicon woman is a prototype of a future woman, that will appear as a result of a wise cloning. This happy time has not come yet, as modern men have something to choose from: either they go in for a real girl with her problems and complexes, or spend time with a wonderful silicon being.

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