Types of Women that Men Are Supposed To Be Afraid of

Summarizing the sad experience that the men have been obtaining in their relationships with women, it is possible to enumerate the types of women, who are not welcome in a relationship with a man at all.

A boss

A bossy woman is usually a strong personality, an extremely active woman, who is fond of making a man do what she tells him to do. If a man has a sexual relationship with such a woman, he becomes her subordinate immediately. He will have to do everything that she wants, and if he does not - he is in big trouble. If this woman is a boss, an unlucky man will have to face a lot of problems like no extra pays, bad business trips, and so on and so forth. The only way for such a man to survive is to quit this job and to move on.

Friend's wife

A philosopher once said: "A friend's wife is a lot better than a wife's friend." However, this saying does not work all the time - a friend's wife can be like a delayed-action mine under certain conditions. A secret sexual life with a friend's wife might lose its secrecy at any moment. If this happens, it will not be possible to avoid long and angry conversations with a friend. As a rule, a married man has a much more emotional reaction, if his wife cheats on him. If his wife cheats on him with his own friend, it always causes severe problems. One has to think it over and over again before starting such a relationship. It is much better not to start it at all, for there is no use to make an enemy of a friend.


As a rule, women do not change with time. That is why, old fights and troubles, which ruined a family, will definitely come up again in case of a reunion. This inevitably leads to reproaches, quarrels, insults, and fights. A divorced man often feels nostalgic about his former wife, but there is no use to make one and the same mistake twice. It is a lot better to find another woman.


This type was described in the book by Vladimir Nabokov that carries the same title. Lolitas are gushing young women, they are extravagant, and they always keep changing their minds. They would take you to a disco bar and you will have to dance all night there, they would ask you to take her to the sea, and so on. They would be extremely talkative one day and absolutely silent another day. Lolitas are not experienced from the sexual point of view, which might cause problems to their men. There is another unpleasant aspect to deal with - her parents. Needless to mention, which problems this aspect might cause. Irresponsible, romantic, sentimental men usually have a crush on lolitas. Serious men always step aside from them.


She has incredible looks, she uses red lipstick, she has long, bright nails. She actually looks like a vampire and she has all qualities of a vampire in her character. She loves torturing and hurting men, making them suffer. Such women suck everything out of a man - money, strength, hopes, illusions, dreams and sperm.

Gushing foolish woman

This is a very dangerous type of women. If she is really in love (or if she thinks she is really in love), she can do a lot of thoughtless things: call him at work, visiting him at 3 a.m., send him letters, emails and faxes. It is very difficult to get rid of such a woman. If a man attempts to break up with her, she usually tries to blackmail him.

New type of Russian woman

It is possible to win this type of woman if you are young, good-looking and smart. There is also another quality that a man should have: the ability to compensate the lack of money with sex. This quality plays a decisive role as time goes by, as sexual capabilities of a man grow weaker. The new type of a Russian woman likes expensive gifts like stylish underwear, expensive watches and diamond rings, not to mention fancy cars.


An affair with a neighbor is fraught with serious consequences. Most likely, she will go to see her lover neighbor on every little occasion, like if she needs to have her sink or TV-set fixed, her walls painted and so on and so forth. Needless to mention that it is very hard for a man to stop such an affair. The only way out is to move out and change the place of living.

Statistics says that the number of single and sexually dissatisfied women is a lot more than the number of men, who want to find a lover. That it why, it would be very good for a man to avoid having an affair with any of the mentioned types of women.

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