Hottest Lover for Actress Janis Dickenson

Janis Dickenson was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world in the 1970s. Every man dreamed to sleep with her, every girls dreamed to look like her. Her outstanding beauty made her became supermodel number one. Nowadays, Janis lives in Los Angeles. She is a photographer, and her immense popularity can be found only in her memory today. One day she thought that her numerous love affairs might make a good book. She thought that right. The star has recently published a book of her memoirs. Janis did not feel shy to talk about every man that she dated years ago.

She put Sylvester Stallone on the first place. As Janis believes, his last name fits him best. She said that Stallone was a very good stud, and that sex with him was just perfect. Janis spent several years living with Sly, although she had some time to date other men too. When Stallone found out that her daughter Savanna was not actually his daughter, he kicked Janis out of his mansion.

Janis's another lover was actor Jack Nicholson, although he was far from being as perfect as Stallone, despite all his inventiveness. Nicholson did not like monotony, so he preferred to change environment, when he wished to make love. Jack and Janis made love on a terrace, on a lawn, in a swimming poll, in a car. Nicholson also liked to invite a couple of other girls to join them. however, Janis gave him only a satisfactory mark in her book.

Warren Beatty was a disappointment for Janis. He chased about her too long, but when he finally won her heart and got her in his bed, Janis woke up one night and saw that Beatty was not in bed with her. Instead of cuddling her, Warren was standing in front of a mirror, admiring his own male beauty. Janis turned around and fell asleep again, but when she woke up in the morning, she saw the same thing - Beatty standing in front of a mirror.

Mick Jagger gave her a lot of impressions, though. As Janis wrote in the book, when Mick kissed her, it was like an electric shock to her. After a wild night of love, the rock star gave her 300 pounds sterling for a new dress. However, the love affair with Mick did not last long: his wife called Janis and asked to leave her husband alone.

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