Ultra-radical trial to be open

The trial of a French citizen, known as the Russian writer Eduard Limonov, and four activists of the Limonov-led ultra-radical National Bolshevik party, will be open, as decided Tuesday by the Saratov region court where the case is to be heard. The court has decided so on the request of the defense, Limonov's lawyer Sergei Belyak told RIA Novosti.

The lawyer dubbed the decision to make the top secret criminal case investigated by the Federal Security Service, or FSB, an open trial "unprecedented." He added that the court rejected the prosecution's request to close the trial to public.

Belyak said also that State Duma's deputy, ex-mayor of Vladivostok Viktor Cherepkov was allowed to take part in the trial. The defense was planning to attract several public and state figures as public defenders, but eventually this idea was turned down. These people will be asked to witness for the defense, said Belyak.

The investigations department of the FSB incriminates "preparing for terrorism" to the five extremists. Limonov was allegedly scheming to topple Kazakhstan's political regime. There are more charges such as illegal purchasing, possession and transportation of arms.

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