Finnish races with wife on back

An unusual event is taking place in Sonkajarvi, in Finland. Wife Carrying World Championship opened there on July 6. This is one of the funny competitions so much liked by the Finns, among those flinging of boots and swamp football can be mentioned. Unusual competitions to determine a person who can kill more mosquitoes and stay the longest period in the sauna are traditional in Finland. Some of the Finnish competitions have been already obtained recognition in the world.

Couples not only from Finland, but also from Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia and Russia come to Sonkajarvi to the competition. Once even couples from South Korea took part in the championship. The guests said they liked this sport.

Couples participating in the championship are to cover 235 meters, at that husbands run and wives are riding on their backs or shoulders. An important condition of the competition is that women should not reach the land with their feet. The couples also have to surmount different obstacles on their way: log barriers, water zone and finally homestretch running. Sometimes other obstacles are added to the championship.

Participants of the competition are to have perfect sports qualities: strength and speed for men, prehensility and ability to stay on husband’s back for a long period for women. The quickest couples get prizes. For example, one Finn covered a 235 meter distance with his 44-kilo wife on his back within 1 minute 6 seconds. The prize he got was a can with beer equal to the wife’s weight. Winners from Estonia were presented with $1,500, that also corresponded the wife’s weight.

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