The art of male striptease

There are tons of movies released every year, depicting the scenes of female striptease. The passionate process of a stripping woman takes a lion’s share of those scenes, although a guy, who enjoys the view, only touches a button of his shirt, and in a second you can see him rolling in bed with that girl.

So, where do you think young guys could learn how to gracefully undress in front of a woman? They don’t show it on television, male striptease can hardly be found in movies, they do not teach that at school, there is nothing to read about it. What a discrimination, guys! As a result, a young passionate lover might make very bad mistakes if he finds himself in the atmosphere of intimacy with his girlfriend. Those mistakes can eliminate a romantic evening, disappoint a girl, and cause other problems in relationship. Don’t you agree that Casanova will not look attractive at all, if you picture him, trying to get rid of his pants and boxers in a very awkward way – laughter and sex do not come together, you know.

So, a real man must know how to make a common process of removing clothes a charming, exciting performance for his woman, which will then be followed with hot caresses, kisses and an awesome sexual act, of course. Before leaving your house, think about everything, about every little detail. Choose the most sexy underwear that you have in your wardrobe, do not forget to get a pair of g-string that will hardly cover your male pride, gracefully outlining your package.

Ok, you are in a bedroom with your woman, she is longing to see you naked. Remember the following:

1. First of all, take off your jacket. Do it offhandedly, and then put the jacket on a chair in a fine manner. 2. Remove your sweater. When you take it off, bend over so that your woman could see your nice butt and the bulge of your fly, which will prove your passionate desire towards her. 3. Take off your shoes and socks. Be careful with socks – they are rather “quick-moving” things, and it might be very hard to find them, if you are visiting a married woman, whose husband is about to come home in a minute or two. 4. Work with your shirt. Unbutton the shirt in a top-down way, making significant pauses. This process can be accompanied with lustful movements of your thighs. 5. Remove your sleeveless T-shirt the same way as it was with your sweater. When you hold it in your hands, wave it a little – this is an exciting moment too. 6. Then come the trousers. This is the most complicated thing to take off, you have to be technically immaculate when doing it. When you touch your zipper, show the girl your tongue and then lick your lips with it. Attract the girl’s attention to your male bulge – just look at it yourself – this will be like “you are going to be surprised, baby.” If you have loose trousers, then remove them standing, but if you are wearing tight jeans, do it sitting on a chair or a couch. 7. Your sexy underwear is the peak of the show. Don’t hurry. Turn around and show her your muscled butt. Then make a step towards her, turn around, pull the panties down a little and show her to top of your dick. Enjoy the result and then take them off vigorously, and throw them to her as if it is her award.

Male striptease needs a lot of practice. Be serious and thoughtful about it. Make your every move perfect, train at home in front of a mirror. When you like your own show, your woman will be thrilled!

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