Bra for impatient Romeo

A French design company developed perfectly new bra fasteners. As it is traditionally believed, the detail pertains to women’s clothes, but the invention is designed for men mostly. The matter of the fact is that the fastener consists of two small magnets. Bolero, famous French company is the creator of the innovation.

The designers say, the new fastener allows men to forget the traditional awful fasteners – claspers and loops that can be unfastened with much effort only. The new bra is very comfortable for women as well, as women sometimes like to fasten bras in front and only after that turn the fastener to the back. Bolero press-secretary told The Times: “Men always considered woman’s bra fasteners a nightmare.”

As investigations reveal, traditional bra fasteners are a real torture, especially for men. As a rule, men get irritated unfastening bra fasteners and fail to deal with bras. At the end, women have to unfasten the bra themselves. This certainly spoils the whole impression of the intimate moment.

First bras with the new fastener are to appear on the market in September already. The price will not exceed $50.

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