Dummies can sweat

A dummy that sweats like a human has been created in Hong Kong. The dummy is meant for fashion designers to create more perfect clothes.

There are tubules with water inside the dummy, the tubules warm up the same way a human body does. The dummy was created by a group of investigators from the Hong Kong Textile and Clothes Institute. When the dummy is hot, it starts sweating slightly, and only then the sweating gets more intense. The innovation is believed to help fashion designers find out reaction of some fabrics to human hidrosis. The dummy’s joints are flexible to allow it to take postures typical of people.

Creators of the dummy are sure the innovation will be useful for designers of sports clothes, military uniform and cosmonaut outfit. One of the dummy creators says, the innovation will be useful to understand the dynamics of sweat-glands. The dummy is covered with three layers of imitation leather resembling human epidermis. The dummy is also supplied with sensors to read temperature, humidity and pressure showings in a room where the dummy is.

It is believed that the new dummy can be used not only in clothes designing, because there are lots of security systems responding to infra-red radiation and heat emitting by a human body. Creation of a sweating dummy is a step toward creation of a robot imitating people with many characteristics. Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

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