The most beautiful people of the world, according to People magazine

If you brush, wash and spray some perfume of a cow, you will not believe this – it will still remain a cow! Truth is all that matters. Even a glance on a pretty face is enough for your brain to take a specific condition, a part of the brain that is responsible for satisfaction and happiness gets excited. This is maybe the main reason why People magazine publishes the list of most beautiful people every year. This year is not an exception. So, we wonder, who is the most beautiful person of 2002?

It seems strange, but Brad Pitt’s wife Jennifer Aniston takes the top position on the list. It is so strange that there is an impression that she is on such lists just because of the fact that she is the wife of the most handsome man of the planet. It would not be nice for the most handsome man to have “some wife,” right?

Oscar award is almost a 100% guarantee for a place on the list of the most beautiful people. That is why, the presence of such people as Halle Berry, Jennifer Connelly, Denzel Washington is not surprising. Nicole Kidman is a different story: she didn’t get an Oscar, but appeared on the list anyway, as the most perspective divorced woman. Cameron Diaz is also on the list together with Ashley Judd and Julia Roberts – what’s the point of the list without the most famous American pretty woman. Jodie Foster is also there, which is a surprise, but it seems that the people, who were working on the list, had their own ideas on the score.

Star Wars movie made actress Natalie Portman become one of the most beautiful people automatically, together with Hayden Christensen. We do not find Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz on the list, but we can find Josh Hartnett – the star of Pearl Harbor.

The movie Amelie brought fame to young actress Audrey Tautou – she is on the list on the 42nd place. The most beautiful people are not only in the world of cinema. Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Crag David, and even an opera singer Alessandro Safina represent the world of music. The world of fashion is represented only by Cindy Crawford, although she has been around for 20 years.

Ok, so here is the top ten of the most beautiful people of the world, according to People magazine:

Jennifer Aniston Simon Baker Halle Berry Julie Bowen Tom Brady Matt Cedeno Hayden Christensen Jennifer Connelly Jeff Corwin Cindy Crawford

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