Terrorists Planning To Blow Up Land Mines At Alkhan-yurt Section Of Motor Road In Chechnya

The terrorists from Arbi Barayev's gang are planning to blow up land mines in the next few days on the Alkhan-Yurt - Shaami-Yurt section of the motor road in Chechnya, followed by the shelling of check-points in the area of the settlements of Alkhan-Yurt and Achkhoi-Martan. The regional operations headquarters of Russia for carrying out the counter-terrorist operation reports that a 20-man-strong group of bandits led by Vakha Arsanov is conducting subversive and terrorist activities in the vicinity of Achkhoi-Martan and stanitsa Assinovskaya (Chechnya). Bandit groups numbering up to 15 men led by Dzhamukhayev are operating in the Shali district. It is assumed that the gunmen are preparing to place land mines at the Shali-Novye Atagi section of the motor road. The operations headquarters reports that the international Islamic organization "Muslim Brothers" is preparing a consignment of arms, including remote control explosive devices, for dispatch to Chechnya. The arms are to be delivered to Chechnya in small batches through mountain passes in May. It has been reported that two women-snipers have arrived in Argun in the middle of last April. One of them is a Baltic resident nicknamed "Hedgehog", and the other comes from Uzbekistan.

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