The sexual attack of blonds has its historic grounds

As it is well known, the best and most efficient way to win the hearts and other certain body-parts of the Russian guys is to turn from a brunette to a breathless blond. However, the absolute male attraction to blond girls is a genetic issue.

No matter what mass media and fashions say about brunettes, men are still remaining tolerant creatures towards the dark-haired women, giving the first priority to blonds. Scientists of history think that it is not incidental. From the time immemorial, the Slavonic people have been distinguished for blond hair and blue eyes. Dark-haired, swarthy people with brown eyes are not “our blood” – they are the aggressors from the East, like Tatars and Turks. Having a relationship with a dark-haired woman for a Slavonic man was like brining an alien to his house and subjecting his clan to genetic extinction. “My woman” type is a girl with ruddy cheeks, soft pale skin, blond hair and deep blue eyes. This is exactly the type of women that Russian men want most of all. It is impossible to erase the genetic memory of a human being, that is why the common opinion “gentlemen prefer blonds” is not a myth or a tale, it is the historic reality. Marilyn Monroe used to say that he was never getting a sun tan, so that is the reason why the Slavonic males were so eager to have her in bed.

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