Sex and money incompatible

Sensational data have been made public by the Ruper Starch sociological centre in the USA. It turns out that Ukrainians are the most sexually satisfied country. The sociologists have driven at the conclusion that sexual life does depend on money. But not in the way you, dear reader, might have thought. Quite the contrary: healthy sex and money are incompatible. The survey was conducted in 30 countries, covering men and women aged 21-50 (in all, over 20,000 people was involved in the survey). The sociologists compared the survey results for developed countries’ residents to those of the so-called 3d-world countries. A crises-torn Ukraine was shown to head the top ten of sexually most well-to-do countries. Ukrainians get enjoyment out of sex, despite economic and political upheavals. The similar picture can be observed in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Hungary – the economic systems in these countries are far from stable. The survey results also show that there is “no sex” in developed countries, especially in Italy and Germany. In the sociologists’ view, a high living standard hampers getting enjoyment out of sex, and sexual disorders are more typical of a fat German bourgeois than of an exhausted Hungarian. The regularity may seem a bit strange, because, apparently, lack of calories is not conducive for acquiring sexual energy. Nevertheless, the poorer man, the more inventive and nimble he is. As a joke goes, a hungry Ukrainian, if offered a tank truck of apples, would hardly eat them, but would surely bite a piece out of each. By the way, Russia, judging by the above survey results, falls out of this regularity. While the rich find their satisfaction in money, and the poor, in bed, the Russians stay aloof from the wordly enjoyments. This country takes the one from the bottom place in the list of sexually unsatisfied countries, according the Ruper Starch’s classification. On the whole, as little and 20% of the respondents say they feel sexually satisfied, irrespective of the welfare standard.

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