Salman Raduyev's Verdict To Be Announced Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Russia's North Caucasian republic of Dagestan will pass a sentence on the Chechen terrorist Salman Raduyev and his three accomplices, Turpal-Ali Atgeriyev, Aslanbek Alkhazurov, and Khusein Gaisumov. It will be recalled that Russia's Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov, who headed the prosecution during the trial, has claimed a life sentence for Raduyev and a maximum prison term -- 15 years in maximum-security prison -- for each of his accomplices, who are charged with the staging of a bandit attack on the Dagestani town of Kizlyar in January, 1996 and a number of other grave crimes, including terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, and robbery with violence. The republic's public opinion is that Ustinov's claim will be fully reflected in the verdict.